Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Famous Blockade Runners

The Advance

The Colonel Lamb

The Robert E. Lee

And, of course, the Dignity

Blockade runner, Dignity, under commodore Dennis Healey, and wacky supercargo Cynthia McKinney (attired in authentic Blackbeard the Pirate fright wig), attempted to run into Gaza, but were rammed by Israeli gunboats.

No offense intended to the Israeli Navy, but guys, this is how it’s done:


Wimpy Canadian said...

Enough with this "Gaza blockaded by teh Juice". There's a border with Egypt. Why don't they get their fuel, and supplies over that border?

JeffS said...

They do, Wimpy. And from Israel as well, even during the war, thanks to the Red Cross. Cynthia "I'm a Racist!" McKinney just wants all the attention she can get.

Paco, limpet mines are so 1945. I prefer these myself. Dignity could be blasted into smithereens, and anyone could be blamed. Nutter McKinney might become a martyr, but she would finally become useful to the world.

As fish food.

Steve Skubinna said...

I read yesterday, WC, that the Gaza border with Egypt has been closed - by Hamas. Apparently Egypt has medical and other aid they want to send in, but it's blocked by the heroic freedom fighters.

Probably to inflate the casualty count and allow lots of AFP photos featuring Flat Fatima and Blue Helmet Guy.

Paco said...

Correct in every detail, Steve.

richard mcenroe said...

"Apply .50 cal to visible waterline.
"Reapply as needed until visible waterline no longer visible."

It's a slow way but its fun watching them claw at each other as they all try to climb the mast...

Paco said...

"It's a slow way but its fun watching them claw at each other as they all try to climb the mast.."

What blissful imagery! I shall count Cynthia McKinneys making for the crow's nest to help me sleep

Boy on a bike said...

That's a rather hopeless effort by the Juice. They need to read up on the Battle of Salamis in order to do better next time.

lotocoti said...

Being a traditionalist, I'm partial to the good old 5" Dual Purpose.