Monday, December 29, 2008

Fatuity Index: High

There is probably nothing more outrageously stupid than those arguments which condemn Israel for the “disproportionate” nature of its attacks on Hamas in Gaza. Hamas, along with its Iranian masters, is dedicated to the extermination of Israel. These terrorists have lobbed thousands of missiles into Israel. They purposely place their military installations in residential areas. And they’ve tried to prevent the wounded from getting help from Egyptian medical personnel. Presumably, the western shills for Palestinian statehood (and good luck with that, incidentally, considering that there are at least two Palestinian factions at each other’s throats) would also argue that a proportionate response to the destruction of the Trade Towers in New York would have been to fly an airplane into the tallest building in Kabul.

No, geniuses, the proper approach to a rabid dog is not to say “bad doggie” and swat him on the head with a rolled up copy of the New York Times. The proper approach is…put him down.

Seraphic Secret has some good commentary on the subject, plus a roundup of links.


SwampWoman said...

From personal experience, I know that the only thing that will keep livestock killing dogs from killing more livestock is shooting them dead. I don't have a problem with that.

Personally, I don't think that those murdering bastards who are deliberately trying to kill civilians can miraculously be rehabilitated and turned into decent human beings.

I am very resentful of the people that start crying crocodile tears over the bodies of Hamas terrorists when they haven't so much as spared a thought for the injured and killed Israelis that were just trying to go about their daily lives.

Steve Skubinna said...

Maybe these scholars of proportionality can turn their massive brains to the question of what exactly is a proportionate response to those who want to exterminate you?

Or would that frighten the poor delicate dears? The Palistinians in particular, and the Arab Muslim world in general, have done a fine job knocking the rough edges off the word "genocide." How much would it diminish the rich tapesty of life on Earth if they all vanished overnight?

Anonymous said...

God bless and protect Israel now and forever more.

If they are considering testing any new long range missiles in the current conflict, may I suggest the ABC headquarters in Sydney.

Here, wishywashy PC journos with runny noses are running into each other, spluttering and clamouring in their best attempts to paint Hamas as the victim. Mehaul

blogstrop said...

How can you be "disproportionate" in response to a polity who wants to destroy you and your country? At most you can destroy them and their country.
The BBC and their mini-me ABC in Australia will, of course, continue to run interference.

blogstrop said...

True to my last comment, I just heard Alan Bennett-Jones of the BBC say to an interviewee "Israel said they'd destroy Hezbollah, but didn't succeed", or words to that effect. He conveniently forgets that Israel agreed to a cease-fire before the job was finished. They should never do that, and the BBC has no right to suggest that they should, or to virtually crow about failure after such an event. They would be quite happy to recommend another cease-fire, later to be dressed up as "failure", right now. This is propaganda, not a news service.