Monday, January 26, 2009

Blog Shopping

Friend and commenter Richard McEnroe is one of the most irritatingly parsimonious people I know. He has vast reserves of wit (if wit were oil, he'd be Saudi Arabia - except with booze and chicks!), but I only see him dole his genius out in little teaspoons full: a comment here, a comment there.

Well, I finally got hold of his blog site, Three Beers Later. Good stuff and more to come (and Obama as a "metrosexual Mugabe" - pure inspiration!) And if you haven't visited his Loltroops site, then lace your boots up, buddy, and get hep to the jive. Try not to laugh. Go ahead; I dare you.

Update: Heez N Mah Blogroll, Steal'N Mah Kustomurz


richard mcenroe said...

I'll eventually be folding LOLtroops into Three Beers Later.

In the meantime, wronwright just made a tragic mistake in the midget wrestling thread over at Tim's...

TW: guidism: An irrational hatred of Italians.

RebeccaH said...

A richard mcenroe blog, cool! I've bookmarked it, but can't figure out how to comment yet.

TW: recishoo: How the president and congress plan to deal with the recession - "Shoo, recession, shoo!"

JeffS said...

I bookmarked it yesterday! Huzzah!

richard mcenroe said...

RebeccaH -- there should be a comments link under each post.

TW: affmzxs: See? That's why people should let Obama finish his waffle. Man talks with his mouth full.

Mikael said...

Alright, let me be the one asking the stooopid question: What's this TW stuff?

/me preparing to say Duh! when I get the obvious answer. (if there is one.)

Paco said...

Mikael: It's a reference to the string of letters that you have to enter in order to post a comment; many commenters are skilled at making them seem like real words.

Paco said...

Here's Jeff's definition of T/W from an earlier comment:

"TW" means "Turing Word", and follows (in a snarky sort of way) from the "Turing Test".

The game is to assume that the server running the blogging software is sentient, and can only communicate through the word verification.

kc said...

In the interest of being an example, Paco, if I may...this was too cute to pass up.

TW: tuarid - what the Pacific Ocean will be if we don't all Go Green!

Mikael said...


Ah! Thanks.
And here comes the Duh! :-)