Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Can’t Wait!

Tim Blair puts the world on notice that Al Gore will appear before Congress tomorrow to talk about global warming. Looking out of my office window, watching the snow come down here in Washington, D.C., I presume that he’ll be honored with a banner saying “Mission Accomplished!”

Based on recent photos, Al looks like he’s in splendid heft (no doubt he’s suppressing his carbon emissions). I imagine that his appearance will have to be broadcast on the television news using the letterbox format.

Did it ever occur to you, incidentally, that if you painted a swastika on his ass, he’d look just like the Hindenburg?


SwampWoman said...

No, no, no. Al Gore would look just like the Hindenburg if he had a swastika on his ass and he were on fire.

Are you absolutely sure that the Hindenburg disaster wasn't the result of somebody taking the tardis out for a lil' spin through the past with Al?

JeffS said...

Gore would really look like the Hindenberg if he lit one of his farts.

Irobot said...

Oh the humanity.

Mikael said...

Gore is so full of methane that he's ready to burst.
When that happens the world will never see another winter again.

Talk about AGW!

Anonymous said...

Here in Baltimore County there is ice all over the place and temps in the 20s at 6:30 am Wednesday. Schools are closed and Circuit and District courts are opening late if they're opening at all. It wouldn't surprise me if Big Al's big appearance gets put on ice, keeping his rep for spreading cold wherever he goes in tact. Heh.


RebeccaH said...

The Gore Effect strikes again. We've just exited a major storm system in SW Ohio that left us with a foot of snow sandwiching a layer of ice. Thanks, Al, you dishonest gas bag.