Monday, January 19, 2009

Rich Mexican Business Man Willing to Light Cigars with 100-Dollar Bills

Or something very like it. Carlos Slim may increase his investment in the New York Times.

I wonder how his first meeting with Maureen Dowd will go. Something like this, I hope:

Update: I also wonder if Carlos Slim will remember this NYT editorial.


JeffS said...

Personally, I hope that Carlos smacks MoDo much harder than that.

From the update:

Pinch Sulzberger has run his family's patrimony into the ground, and now he turns to a man his paper labeled a thief. His ancestors must be rolling in their graves.

Not to mention pure schadenfrade. Although it would be more delicious if the entire Sulzberger clan found themselves pounding the pavement for work.

RebeccaH said...

No doubt Mr. Slim is smiling to himself.

Brett said...

Bogey as Marlowe... it don't get any better than that. Thanks, Paco, it made my morning.

Paco said...

Welcome, Brett!