Monday, March 23, 2009

Al Gore’s Dream

Among an increasing number of pricey, foolish initiatives being contemplated by the Obama administration, energy independence based on renewable power sources is one of the least credible. Windmills and solar power simply are not going to yield the kind of returns to justify the investment. If the president wants to get serious about reducing reliance on oil, he needs to start talking about nuclear power.

Besides, would you want your life to be guided by Al Gore’s dreams?

I thought not.

Meanwhile, Powerline has the latest on climate change.


Wimpy of Canadia said...

Hey, I want to marry that woman.

Now, just what was the point fo this post??

Paco said...

"Now, just what was the point fo this post??"

Why, you have already grasped the point, Grasshopper.

mojo said...

Ok, Mr. Kotter and Ginger - weird, but I can understand.

But a Chihuahua?

SB beductor
Don't start with me.

Brett said...

That look says, "I don't think my publicist translated that invitation correctly..." May he always be so uncomfortable.