Monday, March 23, 2009

Occupied Northern Virginia

Readers of this blog will recall that I frequently refer to Fairfax County (and environs) as “Occupied Northern Virginia.” The original intent of this expression was simply to make a light-hearted dig at the preponderance of “yankees” and other out-of-staters who have congregated here, primarily because they are employed by the federal government.

Daniel Pipes, however, reminds us that there is an aggressive contingent of non-native residents whose presence stands for something more than merely the introduction of Boston accents and the addition of Cincinnati chili to restaurant menus. Some 600 supporters of the Islamic Saudi Academy showed up not long ago to push for a zoning waiver for expansion of their “school.” Based on the report to which Pipes links, they were a bullying crowd, who shouted down and otherwise tried to intimidate Fairfax County residents who objected to the waiver. This school, by the way, “has been frequently criticized for its reported use of textbooks promoting hate and violence, its former students associated with jihad plots, reports of negligence on reporting female child sex abuse, and ISA’s former valedictorian convicted of joining Al-Qaeda and plotting to assassinate the president” (follow the links in the original story for background).

Something to keep in mind. For the nonce, I shall double the guard around the Paco Command Center.


Anonymous said...

Herndon has for years had a large Muslim population. The PC crowd in the county introduced in the schools a bit of diversity nonsense that requred the kids to pretend to be Muslim, including iirc praying while facing Mecca.


RebeccaH said...

Something similar is going on a few miles away from my little village, where a group of Dayton Muslims are seeking to build a mosque and a school in a suburban/rural area. The neighbors are fighting it (and, of course, being accused of racism). There is no great population of Muslims in the area (though their numbers are growing), and I wonder why they would want to put a mosque and school so far away from the city. If I were the neighbors, I'd be finding out who's funding the thing.

blogstrop said...

Political correctness assists them and limits you. It is the HIV-AIDS of the western democracies.