Monday, March 23, 2009

“Gangsters in Pinstripes and Pearls”

Part of my shtick is to write imaginary conversations between officials of the Obama administration, with accompanying photos of gangsters (as in a recent post, for example, where I had two of Capone’s torpedoes stand in for Axelrod and Plouffe).

Michael Goodwin in the Daily News seems to share my perspective.


mojo said...

Euripides. 350 BC, or thereabouts. Wron and I sat and listened to him one time. Well, I did anyway.

The more things change...

Anonymous said...

Along the lines of 'that's a nice little bonus you got there, shame if anything happened to it' CNBC got it's hands on a memo making it pretty plain that if you returned your AIG bonus, Cuomo, et al (for which read Tax Cheat Timmy and The Won) probably wouldn't find it necessary to make your name public, which would be nice given they sent ACORN to stage a demonstration at an AIG exec's home last week-end.

What a lot of admirable characters are on display recently.