Monday, March 9, 2009

The Logical Conclusion

Which is the very thing President Obama does not draw from his own argument.


kc said...

Paco, we're still looking for a sign that BarryO's policies and opinions are logical?

I think we're bound to be disappointed, every time.

Call me cynical, but I got a feeling our Puppet-in-Chief hasn't got a logical bone in his head...I mean, body.

JeffS said...

Obama is to logical as Olbermann is to rational.

RebeccaH said...

(The one positive thing about this is that even Obama knows that socialism is a bad word.)

Apparently, so is "responsibility" (even though, technically, he didn't actually create the mess we're in, he's done his best to make it worse).

Anonymous said...

He's a lawyer, isn't he? They only see logic when it suits them, not when it suits us.


TW: orobe. Paco, do you have any control over these things. They're often worth a giggle.

Paco said...

Retread: A fine point you make there!