Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Maximum Hep-Cat’s Line of Jive Goes Slack; Even Well-Known Blowfish Spits Out Hook

I ridicule David Brooks with regularity, but he has actually written a column on Obama and the auto industry that’s pretty good.

I found this line intriguing: “In a show of force, he released plans from his Office of People Who Are Much Smarter Than You Are.”

What do you think? Just sarcasm, or maybe a little self-parody, as atonement for his previous drooling over the purportedly beefy IQ’s of Obama’s Brain (Stem) Trust?

No matter. In spite of this momentary skepticism, I’m sure Brooks won’t be able to avoid the overpowering appeal of the Hawaiian Wiggler for long.

(H/T: Hot Air)

Meanwhile, Robert S. McCain gives a good thumpin’ to the increasingly sanctimonious David Frum (H/T: Fisherville Mike).


JeffS said...

The Obama administration and the Democratic Party are now completely implicated in the coming G.M. wreck.

Strong words, but I suggest that Brooks may be toeing the line merely to appear ideologically consistent with conservative values. In order to maintain his street cred as a Republican, in spite of working for the NYT as their token conservative.

TW: bling. Brooks is not bling. Cheap plastic jewelery from a vending machine is more valuable than he is.

richard mcenroe said...

The question becomes, who will Obama foist the accountability for GM's upcoming failure on?

Who Will Obama Target Next?