Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mind Like a Steel Sieve

The awesome genius of our lawmakers has been noticed even in far off Australia.

By the way, the name "Larcenia" for a politician somehow just seems so...right.

Whoa! Everybody's getting into the act! Obama's teleprompter has a blog (H/T: Isophorone, in the comments).


kae said...

A boy named Larcenous would have been pretty good, too.

WV: cedit

JeffS said...

Sounds like her parents wanted her to be a politician, but they got an extra bonus when Bullard ran as a Dhimmicrat.

Anonymous said...

But her last name, Bullard, is just as funny given the husbandry ignorance. YCMTSU.


TW: buctspas: where male deer go to freshen up before the rut. Barnyard humor is cheap today

Isophorone said...

Check this out: The Teleprompter has a blog. Why didn't any of us think of that first? Or is this Paco's secret alter ego?

I hear this Bullard was going to be the subject of a book and movie called "The Other Bullard Girl."

John Doe said...

Don't know where to put this comment, but our buddy Paco is included with some pretty exclusive company on the blog roll of HotMES! He's famous! Or he's a co-worker with her. Either way, I'm officially jealous. Congrats!

Paco said...

Thanks for the news, John. I hadn't even noticed.

JeffS said...

Iso, that blog is TERRIFIC!!!

Not as terrific as Paco Enterprises, of course. But still terrific!

bruce said...

"Well, you see, we come here to make money. I read the paper and it say, "Big Boom in Florida," so we come; we're a coupla big booms too."