Thursday, March 19, 2009

Specter to Support Card Check?

If he winds up voting for this pig, the Republican brass ought to summon him to Party HQ, form a hollow square, make him stand in the middle of it, and formally snip the elephant pin off of his lapel (assuming he’s even wearing one; otherwise, Michael Steele or somebody can grab him by the suspenders and let fly with the “man-boob snap of pain”, then proceed to the application of an atomic wedgie).

According to The Hill, “Specter says he will probably cast the decisive vote on legislation that, if passed, would make it easier for workers to organize in labor unions” (which is certainly one way of looking at it). Specter stated, “Around here, and every place, you play the cards you are dealt.”

Well, now, Wild Arlen, let’s have a look at that hand...

Yeah, I thought so. Better sit with your back to the wall, chief.

This is one of the problems with RINO representation, particularly when Republicans are in the minority: one or more of them always seems to be casting the “decisive” vote on Democrat-brand legislation, and they almost always vote with the donks, thereby providing that small spark of “bi-partisanship” that Democrats can fan into a flame of PR propaganda later on.

But that’s just my opinion. Let’s see what one of Obama’s important constituents thinks:

"Hey, paisan, youse gotta do da right ting. Youse’ll have da gratitude from all a’ us labor leaders (and from da putzes on da shop floor, too, natch)."

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kc said...

Man, they're just stomping all over the Constitution, aren't they?

First bill of attainder, now no secret ballot...I won't speculate on what's next...but I'm thinking the Second Amendment is coming up on their list pretty soon.