Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sunday Funny

Hmm. Have to ask Captain Heinrichs about this one.

Update: And speaking of Captain Heinrichs, he also sends a link to this interesting essay on Walt Whitman. Did you know he died on the gondola ride at Disney Land? I didn't.


Minicapt said...
Basically, it teaches foreigners how to live and work in English in Canada. It appears to focus on integration, not accommodation.
"Our English Only Policy and fun atmosphere make learning English as a second language fun and interesting."


RebeccaH said...

So. They teach proper Canadian English then, not that vulgar American English, eh?

I'll say this for the kid, Peter. He's got an imagination.

Paco said...

Rebeccah: Doesn't he though? That Peter's a wild man!