Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bipartisan Criticism of Janet Napolitano

During the election campaign, Obama was claimed by many to be a "unifier". If he - and his idiotic cabinet appointments - manage to continue unifying Republicans and Democrats in opposition to an accumulating pile of his policies, then more power to him!

Oh, and let's hear it for the beauteous and principled Carrie Prejean.


richard mcenroe said...

Careful, Paco, or Janet may denounce you for 'conceptual terrorism,' as in, it's conceivable that someone with an opinion might strand up for it...

Anonymous said...

Re Miss California from the pageant director to that Hilton nut: "...Religious beliefs have no place in politics in the Miss CA family."

Shouldn't politics have no place in a beauty pageant? And shouldn't Miss California be owed an apology from Hilton for his language if not his intolerance?

These people really are nuts.


Old Tanker said...

You got me exploring McCain's blog a little bit. It gave voice to why I don't go to LGF anymore and I was then led into the debate as to Miss CA's "fakies" I say If they're fake, why get the Accord when you could get the Suburban?

Carol said...

"Shouldn't politics have no place in a beauty pageant?" Retread, that was my question over at my place. But onward and downward to Janet. Girlfriend, someone owes you a refund for that course you took about making friends and influencing people. Janet, we're not blaming you. Obviously, you had a piss poor teacher.

Old Tanker said...


Now that you mention it.......why was a gay man a judge at a womens beauty pageant anyways? Wouldn't that be like me picking the US's sexiest man?

richard mcenroe said...

Word is, the Congressional GOP leadership is demanding Napolitano's resignation.

Oh, and Another Inherited Problem for the Obama Administration

Paco said...

Mehaul: Dude! It's called misdirection.

Reaganite Republican Resistance said...

All who were left scratching their heads when Obama chose this obedient toady to head Homeland Security now can get a handle on it: a serious appointee, focused upon real terrorist threats (not imaginary, partisan ones i.e. the TEA parties) -like, say, a Rudolph Giuliani- wouldn’t have been a willing collaborator in a sham report trashing US vets for disgraceful political purposes.

Napolitano’s qualification for this job was purely being a liberal Obama sycophant… certainly not any skills, insight, or ability.

Her recent statements on Canadian border security illustrate how incompetent and puzzled she really is- completely lacking the credentials to be in charge of protecting our country from the likes of Al Qaida.

Trouble is, narcissists like Obama need to be surrounded by mindless drones to confirm their omnipotence and, in this case, pollyanna world view. But such appointments as Napolitano and Panetta to vital national security posts are a show of weakness that will surely encourage terrorists and other rogue characters who see America as their enemy- no matter how hard Barack tries to schmooze them.

Unfortunately, anyone who expected The One to place the nation’s practical defense interests above those of his own political security and radical agenda hasn’t really looked at how he got this far in the first place.