Friday, April 24, 2009

The Kafkaesque World of David Kellerman

We do not know for sure what led this poor man to make such a tragic decision; however, the enormous strain of working in an environment which subjected him to a variety of political crosscurrents – quite aside from the purely business-related stress of trying to run a troubled financial institution – certainly didn’t do anything to soothe his troubled mind. Villainous Company provides the context.

And may God have mercy on his soul, and comfort his family and friends.


kc said...

Haven't read it, Paco, though I may later. A good friend of ours shot himself Sunday, then another friend's close friend died drunk, found days later surrounded by her bottled "best friends."

Such pain. Such awful pain and emotional turmoil & confusion that they KNOWINGLY inflict more awful pain on their loved ones.

When the doc said I was dying, about 12 years ago, I discovered I'm not suicidal.

I can only imagine. May the family find comfort soon.

JeffS said...

"And may God have mercy on his soul, and comfort his family and friends."


RebeccaH said...

I understand very well being under pressure from all sides, and finding yourself in an untenable, inescapable bind through no fault of your own. My heart goes out to the Kellerman family, because I believe this man was doing the best he could, and he saw that he was going to be pushed into being a fall guy for the mess others made.

I wish someone could have saved him. There's always hope until you're dead. And I wish there were some way to make the loathsome Frank and the scurrilous Schumer, and all their toadies, accountable for David Kellerman's death, because they surely are responsible.

kc said...

You got that right, Rebecca - I hope their hands are raw and bleeding as they try to wash away their responsibility.

TW: razatsus???