Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Feet Friday

Benny Goodman and his orchestra perform the Basie stand-by, "One O'Clock Jump."


Yojimbo said...

"OneO'clockJump" Hmmm

Wonder if that served as the inspiration(!?) for Bill Haley and the Comets "Rock Around the Clock"?

JeffS said...

Heh, my dad met Benny Goodman once, while Israel was being created. I forget where Dad said this happened, but he was a party animal back then.

Mr. Goodman tried to recruit Dad for the fledgling Israeli Air Force (he was a fighter pilot). Dad seriously looked into it, but ended up not going; the financial details weren't to his liking (not the amount, other details).

Paco said...

Jeff: Fascinating family history! I never saw Goodman, but somebody once pointed out his house in Connecticut to me (nice pad, too).

JeffS said...

Yeah, Dad bumped around the planet a couple times while in uniform!