Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The One and Lonely

Arrogance can stem from one, or a combination, of the following factors:

1) Rapid career progression that is largely a function of external circumstances, but which one’s vanity chalks up exclusively to one’s superior abilities (the “free ride” syndrome; like getting a lift in the back of somebody’s pickup truck and complementing yourself on your great navigational skills in getting from point A to point B).

2) Choreography and bluster: creating the illusion of authority and leadership through careful staging and direction, and then falling for it yourself.

3) Convincing yourself that there is a results-proof, fixed floor to your popularity that will always hover above 50%, and thus can always be counted on to sustain even your most dubious decisions.

4) Assuming that hired “gunslingers” are drawn primarily to your persona, and not to your prospects, and that the cooing of courtiers is vox populi.

5) Thinking that your own view of yourself is the only one available to rational human beings.

Yes, it’s lonely at the top, Mr. President, but I’m sure it’s a great view from up there. And if you haven’t gotten around to suspending it yet, don’t forget the law of gravity.


RebeccaH said...

I want to be around when The Won meets the pitchforks.

Paco said...

Those "pitchfolk" do have a way of bein' kinda fickle.

Anonymous said...

Now he's been to Iraq as president, I guess The Won thinks nothing of facing pitchforks.

Anybody know his official schedule for April 15th?