Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What, It’s Tuesday Already?

Robert Stacy McCain puts in some time on the speed bag with another David Brooks fisking.

In today’s episode, the prismatic Mr. Brooks refracts a few beams of light emitted by a selection of random eggheads. Money quote from McCain: “One gets the mental image of Brooks reclining on a divan, reading an article in Psychology Today and saying, ‘Oh, I'll write about that.’ And -- voila! -- second-hand expertise.”

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bruce said...

Re the scientists waffling on about altruism within groups being 'hard wired' -

This would include the nazis - or anyone - as an 'altruistic' group.

I have a mad old German neighbour who raves about how Hitler saved her life. Apparently she was a sick child and the nazis introduced a 'Mutter Kind' welfare program, which funded my neighbour and her mother on a trip to a healthier clime which 'saved her life'.

Needless to say I avoid her.