Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tim Blair’s Empire

So, what’s going on with the extended Blairite family?

1) Andrea Harris contemplates the decline of movies.

2) Tim T takes on the menace of cereal crimes.

3) The Shadowlands mulls over the problem of people-smuggling in Australia.

4) I dropped the ball on doing a book recommendation this week, but Boy on a Bike plugs the gap.

5) Richard McEnroe of Three Beers Later links to some firsthand accounts of the rescue of Captain Phillips (great motivational poster included!)

6) Mr. Bingley breaks the news (news to me, anyway) of the biker wars in Canada.

7) Pixie Place markets an exciting new product from Paco Enterprises’ dashboard-saint subsidiary.

8) Swampie finds a congresswoman who apparently thinks that the tea parties are more despicable than, say, check-kiting.

9) Empiricist Daddy Dave examines the soufflé-like fluffiness of a “smack-down” by a climate-change cultist.

10) Mythusmage has, I believe, uncovered the scientific reason as to why so many people seemingly have no trouble putting more feet in their mouths than they actually possess.

11) kae reports on the indoctrination of toddlers in Australia.

12) Angus Dei at Tizona introduces us to right-wing extremist (and my new favorite governor) Rick Perry of Texas.

13) El Campeador has a video on some spine-tingling flying.


Yojimbo said...

What I find "despicable" and "shameful" is a congressperson who votes on a seminal piece of legislation in excess of 1,000 pages without reading the #%#@#% thing!

richard mcenroe said...

Surreal Nightime Tea Party with more clueless lefty!

kc said...

I clicked and read every link, Paco - proud to be part of such a group, thank you.

TW: Boriol - isn't that what the witch's army is chanting as they march out of the castle in Wizard of Oz?

mojo said...

My Bottlebrushes are blooming. Does that count?

Carol said...

Hey, Paco-I want to play!

Paco said...

Ok, Carol; you'll be in the next round.

JeffS said...

Re #13....while in ROTC, I asked my dad what he thought of my applying for Airborne School, where the Army teaches would be paratroopers.

His reply must be offered with suitable context: Dad was a WWII P38 pilot, who was shot down over Sicily during the invasion. Yes, he bailed out.

The reply? "Jeff, only three things fall from the sky: bombs, birds**t, and fools."

I decided not to go to jump school.