Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Anniversary Response

I wanted to thank everybody who dropped by to say “hi” and extend best wishes. Incidentally, I’m missing some spoons, but Wronwright left his wallet behind, so I’m ahead of the game.

There are several comments I feel a need to respond to, individually.

First, Dminor came by late and announced that he has added another future member to the Paco Enterprises readership, in the form of an 8-pound baby boy. Congratulations, and all the best to you and the baby and the missus (Dmajor?)

Steve Burri has me blogrolled. Drop by and tell him Paco sent you.

That wonderful composer of limericks, Lyle, honored me with not one, but two poems. One day, we are all hoping that he collects these gems in one place.

Skeeter, the Bank of Paraguay thanks you!

Cac wonders about the make-up of my regular readership – how many Australians, how many norteamericanos. Ever since I disarmed Sitemeter, I can no longer track where the hits are coming from, but I’d say I’ve got a good mix from both down under and the United States (and Mikael, from Denmark!)

I also received congrats from “John Doe” (which I strongly suspect to be an alias), who operates the excellent blog, Smash Mouth Politics.

And I was delighted to see comments from folks I haven’t run into for ages: Dr. Alice, Tommy Shanks, P. Frizzle, Griffin, Zoe Brain. Come on back and stay a while!

Hey, Old Tanker and Colonel Milquetoast!

And of course, the Paco Regulars – you know who you are, and I’m writing mainly for you guys, so keep those comments coming!


Anonymous said...

Wronwright's wallet? Check those notes carefully before spending them.


Paco said...

Egad! They're the old Mexican pesos notes I paid him off with when I ran over his garbage cans with the Tardis.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure they're not USD? With the current idiots in Washington running (or is that ruining) things it can be hard to tell the difference these days.


Minicapt said...

1. The marchpast of "Queen Alexandra'a Royal Army Nursing Corps" is the "Grey and Scarlet".

2. The marching band of OSU has, as its standard, a march named "Gray and Scarlet".

3. Hmmm ....


carpefraise said...

Dammit I'm late again.

Paco, Happy Anniversary, and may you have many more bookshelf-exhibtinig, movie-star commemorating, disbelief-in-American-politics-expressing years of happiness in the blogoglobe.

May your keyboard never block up!

carpefraise said...

By the way, I'm copyrighting Blogoglobe.

Because I can, and because no one else thought of it but me!