Sunday, June 21, 2009

"Big Barrie" Obama

Stacy McCain has some interesting observations and good links on the subject of a big-city machine politician who now has the honor of being president of the United States. I agree that, at some stage, real reporters (there are still a few), once they smell blood in the water, are going to weigh the value of churning out saccharin puff pieces on Obama against the visceral thrill of actually doing genuine investigative work, and are going to find the former to be wanting.

Emigre with a Digital Cluebat has a superb rap-sheet on the Obama Nostra's Acorn Mob - and don't forget, they'll be helping with the census (what could possibly go wrong?)

Oh, and on the subject of Iran, and Obama's late arrival to the freedom chorus, see Victor Davis Hanson's latest. Don Surber also thinks Obama's comments appear forced and feeble.

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