Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Flag Day!

In these times, when our country is besieged as never before by tradition-wreckers, pink philosophes, law-breaking lawyers, arithmetically-challenged budget accountants, university-degreed thugs, eco-friendly sociopaths, egomaniacal ignoramuses, smash-and-grab congressmen, clueless foreign policy dolts and cult-of-personality fabulists, it is important that we show the flag and let them know that we ain't goin' down without a fight.

I was born on Flag Day, so, in a way, the stars and stripes were my swaddling clothes. Three cheers for the colors that never run!

Update: Don't miss this great flag story; outfielder Rick Monday makes the grab of his career.

Update II: More Flag Day goodness from Three Beers Later.


JeffS said...

Happy Birthday, Paco!

I try to treat every day as Flag Day.

RebeccaH said...

Hip hip hooray!

And yes, I fly the flag all through the summer. Not in winter, though, Ohio is too nasty.

RebeccaH said...

Oh, yeah, happy birthday!

richard mcenroe said...

Happy birthday, Paco!

And speaking of flags, today will be the 365th consecutive support the troops rally to be held in Woodland Hills CA at the corner of Victory and Topanga.

There may be a flag or two in evidence.

TW: emism: an emism past the first flush of euph.
Its founder, Duane Buckley, ex-NASCAR driver, AF vet and NASA engineer, was also this week appointed commander of American Legion Post 826.

kc said...

Happy Birthday to you, Paco! It's my husband's birthday AND that of another woman I know.

Flag is flying, as always, 24/365 - with a small spotlight at night, of course. Will replace it again the first of July, just in time for Independence Day.

And Richard? Thank you, and thank the others who show up at that rally. Does my cynical little heart much good.

Steve Burri said...

Happy birthday, Paco, you old coot.

Paco said...

Thankee, one and all.

Mikael said...

Happy birthday too ya, Paco, and thank you for the blogging.

Incidentally today is the Danish flag day. Did you know our flag fell from the sky during a battle with the heathen Latvians back in 1219. This inspired the Danish troops to kick some very serious arse. As for the Latvians, well they're not so heathen now, are they! :-)

TW:baracki: Latvian pet name for Obama.

Irobot said...

Paco, we share a birthday. Happy Birthday from downunder. I hope that your day was as good as mine.

Paco said...

Mikael: What a great piece of history! Thanks.

Irobot: Glad to hear you had a good one, mate! I did, too.