Sunday, June 14, 2009

Violence in Iran Continues

Keep checking with Michael Totten. Interesting story: Grand Ayatollah Sanei supposedly has condemned the election results as fraudulent.


Yojimbo said...

Color me cynical on this. So the great poohbah wants an investigation led by religious clerics who will come up with anything he wants them to. Why am I not impressed.

Does it really make any difference who they elect. This is a bleeping Theocracy run by a bunch of autocratic dictators. You could elect Betty Boop and it wouldn't make any difference.

The real problem.
A) The complete lack of any response to this, not even one of those we stand with the Iranian people and freedom thingies. He is punting before thw whole world community.
B) His willingness to sit on his hands until the end of the year before any assessement about their nuclear program is to be made. A punt of monumental proportion.

We might as well take out a full page add saying "We Surrender".

Yojimbo said...

Er, "add"? Maybe add is twice as bad as ad.:)

JeffS said...

Alas, Yojimbo, I have to agree with you. Nothing of importance happens in Iran without the mullahs approval. This is likely a deception or distraction on their part -- much better than having Hamas attack Israel again.