Friday, June 12, 2009

I Can See Him Just Fine

Let me tell yez sump’n about bein’ transparent. Ya know how de dictionary defines dat woid? Well, let’s toin to Mary an’ Webster and see. Ah, here it is; “transparent: havin’ de property of transmittin’ light wit’out appreciable scatterin’ so dat de bodies lyin’ beyond are seen clearly.” Ok, so, any a’ youse goombas havin’ trouble seein’ de body a’ dat Inspector General lyin’ out dere?

Transparent. Dat’s what dis administration is all about.


JeffS said...

I read that with a chill up my spine. Not a tingle. A chill. America The Banana Republic is not far off.

Paco said...

Jeff: Between that business with the IG, and this, things are getting scary, indeed.

JeffS said...

America, Home of the Thugs.

Thanks, Dhimmicrats. And RINOs.

Anonymous said...

Ken Lewis was telling the truth last month when he said he'd been 'instructed' not to tell his shareholders about the material change in value. We've got the worst sort of thugs in elected office, and I'm getting discouraged about the chances of throwing them out in 2010, or atleast enough of them to start to end the thugocracy.

It's time to send Old Paco some rope, isn't it?


remerall: keep the thug scorecard up to date

Robert of Ottawa said...

America - teh Obamana Republic

Robert of Ottawa said...


The big Q about 2010 is: Can the administration keep the lid on inflation until then, but reduce unem,ployment numbers as well? I am skeptical about both

RebeccaH said...