Monday, June 29, 2009

Obama Keeps Getting Hazed by Bullies

Kinda reminds me of somebody….

Hugo Chavez: Hey, Khamenei, look who’s coming! It’s Barrie. Let’s take his lunch money.

Khamenei: What for? We’ve taken it so often he’s now got us set up for direct billing on his checking account.

Hugo: Oh, yeah, that’s right. Well, let’s shove him around a little, anyway, just to keep in practice.

(Hugo and Khamenei block Barrie’s path).

Khamenei: Where ya goin’, jug ears?

Obama: Gulp! Er, hi, guys! What’s up?

Hugo: What’s up? Looks like your antennas are up (gives Obama a good yank on his ears)

Obama: Ow! My personality!

Khamenei: Listen, shrimp, I hear you’ve been bad-mouthing me; saying I’ve been murdering innocent people.

Obama: That’s not true! I never used the word “murder.” Or “innocent.” Why would I do that? I still want to negotiate with you on your nuclear capability.

Khamenei: Yeah, you and what army, chump? What you need to do is mind your own business.

Barrie: Ok, ok! The last thing I want to do is meddle.

Hugo: And what are you and the CIA doing sponsoring coups in Honduras?

Obama: Hey, I condemned the coup!

Khamanei: Oh, you condemned it, did you? (knocks Obama’s books out of his hands). I thought you just said you didn’t want to meddle?

Obama (bending over to pick up his books and receiving a swift kick on the seat of his trousers from Hugo): Ow! I didn’t have anything to do with Zelaya getting overthrown. Besides, Hugo, you said you were against the coup. I was just going along with you.

Hugo: Since when do I need your support, doofus? Here, feel that! (flexes his biceps)

Obama: Ooooo! You’re so big and strong!

Hugo: That’s right, dip-wad. So you’d better just keep your mouth shut and stay out of our way.

Obama: Y-y-yes, sir!

Khamenei: Yeah, stay out of our way – just as soon as you first treat us to an ice-cream cone.

Obama: Well, you see, I’m not carrying any money on me…

Hugo: That’s ok; we’ve got your bank wire information. Let’s go. And carry our gym bags, runt.


JeffS said...

And that's pretty much the way Obama looks, Paco. A nice summary of someone in a job that's way above his level of competence.

Steve Burri said...

There's a big problem with transcribing Obama's speech. Most writers will print that Obama does not want to be meddlesome. I claim that's in error. Obama, in fact does not want to be mettlesome.

Same with raise & raze.

Appropriate (adj.) & appropriate (verb)

But for sure, Obama is really getting down to brass tax.

richard mcenroe said...

Huntz Hall IS Barack Obama in
"We Elected WHAT?!"

TW: ovatto: Shakespeare's classic tragedy of jealousy, ambition and chocolate.

Paco said...

Hey, Chief, dis job is hard!

Bob Belvedere said...

You sir are an inspiration: and

Mehaul said...

I can't believe the big O had that chat with Chavez and I'vehadmydinnerdad without a teleprompter. He's on the improve.

Paco said...

Thanks, Bob!

Steve: I believe you're right; the reporters are mistakenly taking "mettlesome" for "meddlesome." Hey, you deserve a raze for that observation!

Mehaul: "I'vehadmydinnerdad"