Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Funny

"Good news, Mr. President! There were no colon polyps that I could see with the naked eye!"

* * * *

Update: Here's the photo I referenced in an earlier post.

"What else is on, Rasheed?"


JeffS said...

"There were no colon polyps that I could see with the naked eye!"

Well, simplifying medical technology is one way to cut medical costs.

JeffS said...

RE: Update......

Yep, your interpretation is spot on.

Alas, Richard's comment is spot on as well. Obama may have good intentions, but his ego (with the resulting inability to separate fantasy from reality) virtually assures failure. Most unfortunately -- the Middle East is a festering wound, and needs fixing, pronto.

I hope Obama succeeds. I just doubt that he will.

kc said...

I don't have any faith at all in BarryO's 'intentions.' He can surely make things worse, but I don't believe he can repair, help repair, or even come to a reasonably sane conclusion...because the "other side" is dead set against peace, dead set against Israel as a neighbor, dead set against anything but annihilation of the Jews and their friends, as far as I can see. Maybe I'm missing something, but if I am, I'll be happy to be wrong here.

Irobot said...

Hey Rasheed,

This Bill Cosby guy is very funny.