Monday, September 28, 2009

Hollywood Circles the BMWs... order to protect convicted child-rapist Roman Polanski.

But of course! He is a member of the intelligentsia, he is an artiste, he is one of them.

I guarantee you, if we were talking about Joe Nobody instead of the director of Chinatown, law enforcement authorities would be receiving kudos for bringing a cold case to closure, and the only person howling about the felon's "victimhood" would be his own mother (maybe; Joe's ma might just as well be bellowing that she always knew the little bastard would come to no good and it was high time justice caught up with him).

Update: Kate Harding at Salon minces no words (H/T: friend and commenter Jeff).

Update II: So, Polanski's in a fighting mood, is he? What does that mean? He's going to slit the D.A.'s nose with a switchblade?

Update III: Smitty at The Other McCain weighs in. Great observation: "It's not so much a dark Kafka moment of the Law attacking an individual, but a bifurcation of the idea of equality under the law into a common and elite branch of law."


RebeccaH said...

Even if they manage to extradite him from Switzerland, I predict he'll get off. Equality under the law for me, not for thee.

JeffS said...

That's most likely, Rebecca, but there is a silver lining: Hollywood is in full meltdown, and displaying their arrogance and decadence. And the world is seeing it. What do you want to bet movie revenues fall next year?