Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mass Examples of Godwin's Law

The always interesting Jeff Goldstein has some thoughts on the left's reaction to Arizona's new border security legislation.

More on the context of the legislation from American Thinker.


JeffS said...

I have my issues with this Arizona law, but what the heck is the Federal goobermint doing to secure the borders? Nada, for a couple of decades. More power to them, especially if they get in the face of the Feds.

O!bambi and the Dhimmicrats shouldn't be surprised that the states are pushing back.

Anonymous said...

Those that are being vilified for standing up for citizens, the law, and the Constitution will surprise the vilifiers. There are more of us than the Left can imagine. Wait for the roar once their cacaphony dies.

The calls of boycott have sunk to a new low...Arizona Iced Tea. They failed to check where it was made. You guessed it. Not Arizona. Guess what I'll be drinking more of.

Deborah Leigh

bruce said...

Read the article and clearly this is based on day to day experience of the Mexican drug gangs extending their power further and further over the border, and killing anyone stands in their way. (Smuggling people and drugs is now combined into a single business plan - Profit!)

'Prejudice'? Ha! Meet reality oh trendy latte commentariat.