Sunday, June 13, 2010

An extremely rare sighting

No, not the ivory-billed woodpecker, but something almost as scarce: Bill Maher actually being right about something.


JeffS said...

I hesitate to say "Meh, a broken watch is right twice a day", as Maher's analysis is nearly spot on. I'd describe the media as being willfully stupid, or may be ignorant tools. But Maher is correct in his overall assessment, which stonkers me to no end. I doubt that Maher "gets it" overall, but one can hope.

Maddow, on the hand, is a prime example of an ignorant tool in the MSM. She ought to start using mirrors again.

RebeccaH said...

I bet it hurt to write that. I know for darn sure it hurt to read it.

Paco said...

It hurt. But the pain wore off quickly because it's only a matter if time - probably mere minutes - before Maher is back in top form as one of our more prominent idiots.

Minicapt said...

" She ought to start using mirrors again."
Would she be able to see herself now?


Anonymous said...

First there was Bob Schiefer yesterday, now Bill Maher. If it weren't for the knowledge the dyes in the wool of these two is so deep, I would have believed that there had been a revelation. However, reality prevented a nasty buise from forming on my lower jaw.

Deborah Leigh