Sunday, June 27, 2010

The "humanity" of the Taliban

Be prepared for the worst in this post from StraightShooters.


JeffS said...

The worst from whom? The Taliban, or the BBC?

Both are equally beneath contempt, IMHO.

Irobot said...

Just when I think the depths these people will sink to has been reached, they succeed in sinking further. They truly are insane.

Suffer the little children.

RebeccaH said...

That's the most horrifying thing I've ever read. Taliban criminals murder even children with impunity and some stupid BBC cow wants to talk about their "humanity"? Why does this bitch even have a job?

Anonymous said...

I second the motion that this useful idiot be sent to cover the humanity of the Taliban up close in person. But not to Helmand Prov. since they have no time for infidels.

It's amazing that there are still so many who don't get the evil nature of these terrorists. There was a Marine who told me that Iraqis led them to a hall/auditorium where there were chains hanging from the rafters over vats of kerosene, and the stench of burning flesh still in the air. The relatives were made to watch from seats on the floor. Always wondered what the anti-war idiots would say to that.

Is that report from a prior year? The link to Andrew Bolt's blog at the Daily Telegraph shows the comments in August.

Deborah Leigh

Anonymous said...

Deborah, I'd bet it could all be blamed on the USA, somehow, wouldn't you think? I mean, we're responsible for every other ugly thing happening in the world, so it seems reasonable this would be no different.