Sunday, June 27, 2010

President Walter Mitty fantasizes about fixing the oil spill all by his lonesome

Why would Obama turn down an offer of assistance from the Dutch, who seem to be admirably equipped to handle just the kind of disaster represented by the Gulf oil spill? Confederate Yankee seems to know the answer.

More on this subject from John Steele Gordon at Contentions. And yes, you do, indeed, smell unions.


RebeccaH said...

Well, those Dutch, you know... they're so blond!

In other news, I understand that Paco Enterprises has snagged the North American vuvuzela manufacturing rights. Congratulations, old man.

Or should I say "heads up", considering the threat of litigation?

JP said...

Oh my..Woman bursts windpipe by..well 'cause it's family oriented know the rest.

And GOSH, I just learned that the "vuvuzela" was a horn, uh, instrument, er, noisemaker.. pheww.

Team Obama turned that deal down, just maybe 'cause it reminded them of REAL President named Reagan.

Since this entire team sucks, howz about them goin' down to the Gulf to do something useful.

mojo said...

Files this under "Another Obama Appointee Forgets $40,000 payout from SEIU"

“They’ve made ethics a fetish and they have all kinds of people over there with experience, so I don’t know how they missed this one,” Brand said.

Fetish: see "c"


Paco said...

Thanks, Rebecca. We intend to offer a deluxe model that includes an air-horn enhancer.