Saturday, June 12, 2010

No Morons Allowed!

36 Chambers suggests two quick ways to fix Facebook's major problems. I don't use Facebook, myself, but I like the blog author's incisive and witty writing.


kae said...

Well said, good link Mr Paco.
Recently a tv "current affairs" program aired a piece about someone whose husband was being stalked on faceache by a neighbour who was obsessed with him.
Interesting. I was chatting with a friend on the phone when the advertisement came on for the program and we both said at the same time "well don't look at Facebook".
Too easy.

JeffS said...

I'm on Facebook -- the younger generation in my family adores it, and it's about the only way to track their comings and goings -- but at least they keep the personal stuff off. As do I.

Michael Yon uses Facebook and Twitter for a lot of his shorter dispatches as well. So, if used wisely (as 36 Chambers puts so well), there is some value to it.

But not a lot.

missred said...

i use facebook to keep in touch with the younger generation of my family as well. and my daughter. i post nothing too personal and rarely even make political comments. hell, i rarely post anything! my sweet sister on the other hand, is an open book. i asked her not to mention the family trip to italy, and she mocked me for being cautious. *rolling eyes*