Monday, June 28, 2010

RINO miffed that John Hawkins won't let him horn in

David Frum has taken umbrage at John Hawkins' refusal to include him in Blogads Conservative Hive ( Little Miss Attila has the details).

Well, y'know, Dave, duh! Even Benedict Arnold had the good taste not to lobby for inclusion in the Society of the Cincinnati. Maybe that's pitching it kind of high, but come on. I'm all in favor of a big tent, but some folks come in just to get out of the rain and mooch our barbecue and then they head back to the big city to laugh at us for using the wrong fork or otherwise behaving as simple clods. We don't need people speaking on behalf of conservatism in the Old Media Church if they feel compelled to subscribe to the equivalent of the 39 Articles (Populism is always and everywhere the first ominous step on the slippery slope to anarchy; moderation in the pursuit of socialism is no vice; it's ok to sprinkle references to Edmund Burke and Bill Buckley throughout your essays but you need to do so very selectively and never in a context that might undermine your liberal pals; etc., ad nauseum).

Besides, isn't there some kind of quota on conservative Canadian punditry on the subject of U.S. politics? We've got Mark Steyn and Kathy Shaidle and Small Dead Animals, and they're the real McCoy. Why put up with the watered down hootch of David Frum?

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richard mcenroe said...

Couldn't Frum trade blogads with Dave Weigel?