Friday, November 19, 2010

Rich Dickheads in the News

Forty millionaires belonging to something called "Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength" have endorsed the notion of permitting the Bush tax cuts on incomes over $1 million to expire. So, who are these public-spirited fat cats?
The group includes many big-time Democratic donors such as Gail Furman, trial lawyer Guy Saperstein and Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry's ice cream.
When your income is in the tens of millions, giving up the lower tax rate is no big deal. But what if your adjusted income is over a million dollars but considerably south of the stratospheric, and you're a small businessman and you're trying to grow your company and add new jobs? Maybe you're also trying to put your kids through school and pay for the upkeep of an elderly parent. The impact is a little different. And frankly, how do we know that these bozos haven't sheltered most of their income from taxes, anyway? Publish your tax returns, "patriots", and let's see how much you're actually paying.

Here's my suggestion: If these rich leftists really want to feed leviathan, let them elect to give as much of their money as they want to the federal government, and leave everybody else's the hell alone. To the extent that many of them financed the very Democratic politicians who created our fiscal nightmare, I'd say it's the least they can do.


JorgXMcKie said...

The US Treasury has accepted 'donations' since around 1840. I think that over the past 4 years or so the total of donations has run from 1 to 2 million dollars per year.

I don't want any tax increases that don't insure that John F'n Kerry and Tuh-ray-za and Buffet and so on pay at the top rate on all income and get a lug put on their 'wealth' too.

bingbing said...

Yep. That'll solve it.

Health care and SS have nothing to do with it.

mRed said...

I'm in for a mil or two or more! As we say at the club, 'In for a yacht, in for a liner!'

My very best,
Leander Pierpont Cabot Thigglebottom III

JeffS said...

My decision, made long ago, to never ever again purchase "Ben & Jerry's" has been vindicated.

That ancient hippie isn't living off my hard earned shekels, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Ben left the ice cream biz long ago, but I'll bet he still gets sprinkles. Kind-of-like purchasing carbon credits from is called a donation. BTW, if you want a laugh go to that site. Nika Water's site is also a laugh factory.

The tax attorneys must be doing landmark business with the Caymans.

This reminds me of the local looney Left's group, Billionaires for Bush, who came out to harass our rally. It's always dress up with the Lefties, and their imaginations ran wild.