Friday, November 19, 2010

Newsweek slips hopelessly and irremediably into self-parody

Seen the latest Newsweek cover? No? Well, that’s not so strange; I doubt that my readers are among the few hundred subscribers the magazine has left. Here it is:

That’s Obama as the Hindu god Shiva. Or is it Kali? In any event, he’s using all those hands to pick your pockets, Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer, so govern yourselves accordingly.

Incidentally, I love the subtitle: “Why the modern presidency may be too much for one person to handle”. “Complexity” is the last refuge of the feckless – governing is hard! – and it is highly amusing that Obama’s defenders should blame the job rather than the job holder. The reason the current administration is starting to look like a tornado in a trailer park is because of its adherence to the discredited notion that government can and should play a dominant and innovative role in…well, in everything. When you pursue goals that have been delinked not only from means (e.g., the stimulus bills), but from logic (TSA’s grope-and-gawk screening measures) and even sanity (jury trials for terrorists), yeah, you’re going to get overwhelmed. That’s not a function of the office, it’s the entirely predictable outcome of the abuse of the office by someone who doesn’t respect its intended limitations.

So, more hands won’t help President Obama; on the contrary, each additional one would likely only fashion some new disaster.

One bumbling amateur mangling America.


SwampWoman said...

All the Obama-appointed czars need to be defunded (*cough* Congress! A little attention here!) and Obama relegated to improving his golf game for the remainder of his Presidency.

Somebody needs to take away the keys to the Presidential modes of transportation, too.

bruce said...

The 'West Wing' fantasy is crashing and burning worldwide.

But according to Voltaire it worked for Confucian China. 'Where oh where did we go wrong?'

JeffS said...

One bumbling amateur mangling America.

I agree, Obama is a bumbling amateur mangling America. And certainly the biggest bumbler. But he ain't just one. I received clear and definitive proof of that this afternoon.

RebeccaH said...

That cover is definitely portraying Obama as Siva, also known as the Destroyer of Worlds. But Kali, she of the multiple breasts, would work as well, as she is also a destroyer. To be fair, they supposedly destroy so that they can create new worlds from the destruction.

Hmm, maybe Newsweek is on to something.

Anonymous said...

Jack(ass) of all trades,
Master of none.

JorgXMcKie said...

Well, Shiva is the Destroyer and Creator. I suppose Obama may think that's what he is.

OTOH, if the "Most Intellectual Human Being in the Universe, Evah!!" can't make things work, who can?

Paco said...

JXM: We're doomed!

Michael Lonie said...

"All the Obama-appointed czars need to be defunded...".

Nope, defenestrated. I'd be content even if their falls were broken by a dungheap. Ending up in one is what they deserve.

bingbing said...

Well he's certainly not Ganesh!

Anonymous said...

Good heavens, the left used to get their panties in a twist if W even talked about God and here they are labeling their guy as God. Irony is lost on the lefties.


Minicapt said...

"Many hands make light work."


richard mcenroe said...

Pervert in Chief