Sunday, December 5, 2010


Mind Numbed Robot says, ”Peace, baby!”

It’s bad enough that Christian mother Asia Bibi has been condemned to death in Pakistan for “blaspheming” against Islam. Now, some pus-bucket of a mullah is offering a reward for her murder in prison. BTW, here’s what a collective IQ of 12 looks like.

Calling for primary challenges to Lindsey Graham!

Invincible Armor, er, gently chides the increasingly pompous Mike Bloomberg.

The federal government is warning its employees not to read Wikileaks documents that have already been made public. Hey, let’s go the extra mile. How about if the federal government orders all unauthorized persons around the world not to read the stuff that’s already in their own newspapers?

An extraordinarily comprehensive roundup of Rule 5 action from Yankee Phil.

Richard McEnroe gets into the Christmas spirit (jihad style).


Irobot said...

The guy in the middle would not look out place in a garden holding a fishing pole.

Paco said...


mRed said...

Thank you for the link, but doesn't that guy, as Irobot suggested, in the middle also have a gig as the "Roaming Gnome" on some ad campaign.

robot said...

Much obliged for the linkage.
Ditto the above comments. All he needs is the pointy red hat.