Thursday, December 23, 2010

No Labels?!? Then how the hell do we know who gets which present?

The No Labels watchdog operation I founded, No Fables, is on the job. I'm...well, I don’t know if pleased is exactly the right word…more like aghast, to report Jim Geraghty’s detection of the faux moderate organization in the act of committing poetry.

I’ve read a lot of awful poetry in my time – even written quite a bit of it – but this is just about rock bottom. It’s an attempted assault and battery riff on “The Night Before Christmas”. If I had to give a title to it, though, I’d call it something like “Talent Takes a Holiday”, or maybe “With Profound Apologies to Clement Moore (or Possibly to Henry Livingstone)”.

Now, if you’d like to read a truly imaginative take on this well-beloved poem, check out this version by that wild man of the worldwide web, TimT.


blogstrop said...

T’was the night before Christmas
And all through the land
The Dems realized that their brand was god-damned.
They workshopped and focused;
Was there a solution?
Or would there be Atrophy, Death, Dissolution?
PR people raged, one side Cain’s, one side Abel’s;
Now bloodshed's avoided by rebadging: No Labels!
(Best Wishes for Christmas to Paco and Family)

Albury Shifton said...

No Fables? Another money laundering operation/tax shelter, disguised as a public service, no doubt. How many Lame Duck Dollars were procured before that mob left DC?