Thursday, December 23, 2010

Socialism: The New Frontier

Not new, exactly, because the expense and extent of regulation have been with us for decades. With the Obama administration, however, we are seeing tremendous leaps forward in the use of executive fiat to accomplish what the legislative branch hasn’t dared to attempt (and which the public, I hope, will not long tolerate).

Protein Wisdom has two excellent posts on this issue: one on the EPA’s sweeping new mandates, and one on “net neutrality”.


Mr. Bingley said...

De-fund all these agencies.

Paco said...

I second the motion. All in favor?

John A said...

"All in favor?"


The NYT had a surprisingly balanced (ie, not terrible) opiniom piece -

In passing, and quite a way down:
"But while carbon capture could someday become the norm for power plants and refineries, EPA has admitted that it isn't a viable technology"
which will not stop the agency from fining those who do not install this non-existent (at least in practical form) technology.

JeffS said...