Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Floods in Australia

Queensland is currently afflicted with horrible flooding.

Our thoughts and prayers are with them.


El Cid said...

Indeed, blogger Kae lives in Queensland, Au.

Thoughts and prayers Queenslander's.

wv: blessin

Robert Blair said...

I was raised in Brisbane. The 1974 floods started rising early on a Saturday just after I turned 17. I was living with my Aunt & Uncle in a two storey riverfront house in Yeronga.

My Uncle was away at the family farm. My Aunt and I spent all day putting stuff (fridge, freezer, lounge chairs etc) upstairs - the Army evacuated us in the afternoon.

That night the water completely covered the whole house, roof and all.

Sad to see it all happening again ...

Anonymous said...

It is blogs such as Tim Blair's (now at Daily Telegraph) that brought many of us together. We're worried for our friends and their country, so of course, we offer prayers and donations. Hopefully, we'll hear from them to let us they're okay, and what's going on. God bless you all.

Deborah Leigh

Steve Skubinna said...

Don't tell me - Sarah Palin did this, too?