Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In a week of record left-wing media hypocrisy...

...Newsweek may well take the prize.

The magazine ("Magazine"? Oooo... Violence!) began a story on Tucson murderer Jared Loughner this way:
A 2009 study warned that the rise of right-wing extremism could spur violent attacks. But the report was attacked by Republicans, including now-Speaker John Boehner.
Well, I don't know what Boehner said at the time, but I can understand why he would have attacked it: he knew it was the kind of propaganda that yellow rags like Newsweek would use to link the Loughners of the world to mainstream conservatives in an effort to silence criticism of the ominous growth of government power.

The article does not produce a shred of evidence that Loughner was influenced by anything other than his own mental illness, yet ham-fistedly sets the maniac down in the context of our old friend, the Angry Right.

The author of this editorial turd is named Aaron Mehta, who works for a non-profit organization called the Center for Public Integrity, which has been funded in the past by... need I tell you?

Update - Richard McEnroe has a pretty good idea of what happens when Barney Fife becomes sheriff.

Update II - Glenn Reynolds has some good advice for conservatives: strike back against the left by directing your energy into ousting the Democrat government in 2012.
The biggest worry after the November elections was that a lot of people on the right would declare victory and go home. The shameless attempt to politicize the Tucson shootings and scapegoat people on the right has generated a huge amount of anger. Tea Party folks being who they are, I suspect this will mostly manifest itself as grunt-level political work in preparation for 2012 — precisely the opposite of what the scapegoaters were hoping for: Don’t get mad, get even, by making 2012 an even bigger shellacking than 2010.


Yojimbo said...

Just an update to the "Just When You Thought Things Couldn't Get Worse" file.

Those crazy nutter church people from Kansas, the ones that protest at military funerals.....

You guessed it! Here they come! They will be protesting at the funeral of the..............9 year old(!) on Friday.

Paco said...

I'm not even going to say what I'm thinking.

prairiecat55kc said...

I'm thinking the Patriot Guard Riders will get word of this and go do what they do so well.

I can say what I'm thinking about the nutter church people, too. To put it kindly, I think they and Jared Lee are cut from the same cloth.

prairiecat55kc said...

Correction: PGR's mission statement and non-profit status make this one outside their stated purpose. From the comments at PGR's website is this explanation:

This is such a difficult situation for all of us to deal with, however, we must remember our mission statement. We honor those who have served in the military and first responders. To attend something like this as an organization would violate our mission statement. As a federal non profit organization we are bound by certain laws to adhere to our mission statement or run the risk of losing our ability to do what we do for our fallen heroes. The military will not work with protest groups and attending something in response to the WBC puts us in the light of a protest group. We, as members, must always protect our fallen heroes and our mission statement. If you choose, as private citizens, to attend any event related to the shootings please remove all PGR identification such as flags and banners. We have had problems in other states because members flew full regalia to attend a non-mission event.

Judging from other comments posted, it's likely there will be a presence, just not an OFFICIAL presence.

Yojimbo said...

KC: You are right as rain. Other groups will be in attendance as well. The family will be protected from these people.

The Arizona Legislature, in an uncharacteristic fit of competence, passed a law banning demonstrations within 300 feet(I think) of a funeral.

They wrote, marked up, "debated" and passed the bill in essentially one day. Why can't we have more of this? Sigh

prairiecat55kc said...

You're just the Man I was thinking of when I wrote that, Yojimbo, thank you.