Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The GOP’s long-standing, two-front war

It’s difficult enough combating the constant shitzkreig of Democrat ideological propaganda at the source, in direct confrontation with donk politicians. The Democratic Party’s fellow-travelers in the legacy media make the struggle twice as hard, as pointed out by Stacy McCain in this piece at The American Spectator. A sample:
Democrats can go to prison for corruption (Rep. William Jefferson of Louisiana) or be censured for ethics violations (Rep. Charlie Rangel of New York) and no reporter ever considers this a reflection on the Democratic Party in general. Yet every would-be Woodward and bush-league Bernstein knows in his heart that GOP politicians are all crooked, so that an army of intrepid investigative journalists stands eternally ready to pounce on the Pulitzer Prize to be won by exposing a Republican scandal. And while they wait for the next great "-Gate" to come along, they amuse themselves by making nefarious Nixonian mountains out of the routine molehills of politics.


RebeccaH said...

"Shitzkreig", HAH!

The legacy media are Democratic tail-waggers. What else is new?

bruce said...

Stacy has really been great. I'm a daily reader. He also hit bullseye with comments (which became a substantial essay) on why Couric's view of Bill Cosby's achievements are so wrong.

And this warning on Pulitzer-seekers goes well with Kathy Shaidle's piece on Frontpage (I think) about the whole 'All the President's Men' myth.

Minicapt said...

I blame Fairfax County, because it is filled with Virginians. And the CIA.


bingbing said...

About Lefties in the media...

Back in Oz, there's a blog post on Oz's government-funded ABC website arguing the US Senate is stuffed (filibusters, holds), and how to fix it.

Now he makes some good points but the timing is something else.

Let's see. He writes the piece a day before Repubs take over the House, and let's see, to "fix" the senate would take, what, about two years?

Just in time for when the Repubs take control of that, too.