Monday, January 10, 2011

The Nadir

So, now, even mainline Democrats are looking at the tragedy in Arizona in terms of an Obama "opportunity". I am experiencing a feeling of revulsion such as I have not felt in years. Glenn Reynolds expresses my view perfectly: "...we have a terrible political class, probably the worst in American history."

Meanwhile, Michelle Malkin takes a walk down Memory Lane.

BTW, blogging is likely to be light for the next couple of days, as I am extremely busy with my so-called real job this week, which is leaving me a rather spent force in the evenings; I'm hardly fit to do more than collapse on the couch with an ice bag on my head. Please consider this an open thread (be as incendiary as you like; it'll probably be against the law, pretty soon).


prairiecat55kc said...

I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me, Paco, and I do believe you've nailed it. It's revulsion.

Get some rest, the Good God knows you surely need it, working where you do!

mojo said...

Now I hear Bambi's gonna make a "special comment", so to speak.

Be still my heart.

Steve Skubinna said...

I just read that a Congressman Brady in PA wants to ban crosshairs.

Nope, it only sounds like a joke.

Interesting comment from Jane Fonda - after all, she knows crosshairs, having sighted a NVA AA gun during the Vietnam War.

bruce said...

How completely disgusting this really is. It means, think about it, that many supported Obama because they expected HIM to be attacked by right wing 'rednecks' or whatever, and this would have enabled them to feel self-righteously smug. Sick!

They've been waiting for this with baited breath! Otherwise why the breathless hast? Can't even pause for the facts. Alleged 'scientific' brains can't even bother to consider the inconvenient truth that severe mental illness is NOT caused or triggered by the contents of its delusions.

bingbing said...

That Lefties came out and somehow tried to blame Palin is a joke. It's absurd. It's a prime example of just how unhinged and vitriolic these people are.

Finally watched Death of a President tonight.

It's hard to fathom how people in a free country with all the rights and privileges enshrined upon them can become so filled with deranged hatred.

How we've come in the past two days to having to defend Palin would almost be laughable if not for the circumstances.

It's nutbag stuff.

The left has this creepy, weird obsession with Palin.

Is she really that much of a threat? A threat to what?

Being a Leftist would win me more friends in the Korean ESL teaching crowd, but at what cost? I'm at odds to understand how a person filled with such irrational hatred could possibly lead a satisfying life.

One almost has to feel sorry for them.

PS Hang in there, Paco. Less than two years now...

Yojimbo said...

ongedsaYeah, well, day one of the political rehab tour starts tomorrow as the Pander Express touches down here in Tucson. I need to borrow Paco's icebag. Time to start drinking.

richard mcenroe said...

The speechificatin' of Dirty Dupnik

Mr. Bingley said...

This whole situation makes me so disgusted I wan to barf....

why, I'll call it "Ralph Nadir"

richard mcenroe said...

Extreme Speech in the Defense of Liberty IS Liberty!

JeffS said...

I'm utterly disgusted by the vitriol from the left. By their hate speech. By their anger.

Anonymous said...

Calm down Mojo. Don't go all tingly on us.

Frankly Paco, I don't know how you do everything you do. Well, go collapse. Enjoy the cold pack and whatever you're imbibing on the couch while deal with the GISS (Government Induced Stress Syndrome) and revulsion. We'll mind the store. Won't we gang!

You might need another shot after reading Hillary's response to a question in the Middle East. She was asked how we could condemn an entire group like Muslim based on the actions of eleven extremists. She responded by saying that we can't because we have our own extremists (the Tucson murderer). Barf!

Deborah Leigh

JeffS said...

PS: I hope that ice bag is flavored with your preferred combination of ethanol and fruit juice. I'm still hoping to meet up with you this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Finally, there seems to be a bit blowback being covered: check Ace's right sidebar for Denver sheriff placing blame where it belongs.

Spare a thought (and a few prayers) for Tim Blair and his countrymen. His posts are make it clear the worst is yet to come.

I'm embarrassed that I was complaining about a few inches of snow.