Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Chuck Norris delivers roundhouse kick to teachers’ unions. (Today's Chuck Norris fact: when life gave Chuck Norris lemons, he made lemonade, a 9-inch hunting knife, an AK-47 and a playpen for his pet scorpion).

Thomas Sowell laments the president’s tendency to go off the rails.

Howard Dean creates a slush fund for fugitive Wisconsin legislators.

Pixie Place has a pictorial assessment of the current state of wind-powered energy.

I had hoped to flood Australia with cheap copies of the Che Diary, but, as Gavin Atkins points out, that could prove to be difficult.


Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic, but it looks like the Democrats are now fleeing the Indiana legislature...

Excatly how do these people think this will benefit their party?


Merilyn said...

Not only are the books expensive in Australia, but they rarely have any titles that people like.
Thanks to a tip-off on Tim Blair's blog now go to Amazon, and other sites to look for the books I want.

kc said...

Living with that kind of wind for a good portion of my life, I miss it...and really look forward to hurricane season as the only time we have comparable breezes!

prairiecat55kc said...

Hit the switch too soon - THANK YOU, PACO, YOU ARE THE BEST!

Anonymous said...

Howie and minions had to make a slushy for their little lambs. It's expensive at The Tilted Kilt. Those girls aren't cheap as anyone who's been to Three Beers Later blog (or The Tilted Kilt)can atest to.

Deborah Leigh

Minicapt said...

Also try: http://www.abebooks.com/
This is an omnibus site for bookdealers around the world, especially for older/out-of-print editions.


Merilyn said...

Thank you Minicapt, Abe books are well worth a look at to.