Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cheesehead madness!

Little Miss Attila has a great roundup of links on the the face-off in Wisconsin.

If there were any residual doubt that Obama is not a belligerent leftist ideologue and a would-be anti-democratic "strong man", the participation of his permanent campaign outfit, Organizing for America - what I like to call Obama's provisional government - should settle the question once and for all.

Update: Pundit Press has identified some of the doctors who are handing out fake sick notes to public employees who are skipping work in order to fight for their seats on the taxpayer-subsidized gravy train (H/T: Cold Fury).


Steve Skubinna said...

They're more like Obama's SA.

Oops, did I cross a line there? Was that uncivil?

RebeccaH said...

From the Democrat senators ducking their responsibility to the voters, to the teachers getting paid to protest by calling in "sick", to the doctors who handed out fake medical excuses, to the Panderer-in-Chief picking sides, this whole Wisconsin debacle makes me angrier the longer it goes on. Especially since I know the very same thing is soon to happen in Ohio.

If people don't recognize these totalitarian tactics, then this country is lost.

bruce said...

True, Rebecca.

A post on Small Dead Animals sums it up: 'Who are you unionized against?'

Apparently govt-employee unions were illegal till JFK changed that. Even FDR saw them as a threat. I've finally found something JFK did to disapprove of.