Sunday, February 20, 2011

Monday Movie

Barbara Stanwyck oozes sex appeal in The Lady Eve.

Special Monday Movie Bonus! Small Dead Animals has a fascinating post on an enduring Hollywood sound effect: the Wilhelm Scream.

Double-plus bonus! In honor of Presidents' Day, we've got Ronald Reagan: governor, president and ...Klan buster!


RebeccaH said...

Holy moley, how many times have I heard the Wilhelm Scream, and never knew it actually had a name? It's sort of like the kookaburra call that you hear in every African jungle movie.

I love these tidbits.

Paco said...

One thing I found hilarious was that the scream was used several times in some of the same movies.

Is that a kookaburra that makes that noise in all the Tarzan movies? I always wondered what that thing was.

bruce said...

A kookaburra's call is actually pretty distinct. Jungle-type birds may go 'koo kaa koo' etc, but a Kookaburra goes though a familiar routine, from soft to very loud. sounding very much like someone slowly reacting to a hilarious joke - koo koo koo koo koo kaa kaa kaa kaa kaa KAA KAA KAAA KAAAA KAAAAAAH!


Thomas Ferdousi said...

Like the Reagan clip