Monday, February 21, 2011

The death spiral

President Obama has given the lie to those who advertised him as a moderate. It should now be clear to everyone - as it was to most conservatives back in 2008 - that Obama is a militant advocate of central planning, and a true believer in class warfare. He is the anti-Reagan - and, by extension, the anti-Thatcher - in his strong commitment to union power, which, particularly in the context of public employee unions, is not about fairness to government workers, but about propping up one of the key funding vehicles for the Democratic Party. It is naked interest group politics at its worst, pitting privileged organizations against the American taxpayer, organized, parasitical rabble-rousers against productive citizens who want only to live their lives with a minimum of government interference and to provide for their own future. Not content to preside over the destruction of the national economy, Obama now sees fit to prevent individual states from taking the fiscally responsible measures that he refuses to take at the federal level.

Meanwhile, our budget deficits and unfunded liabilities skyrocket, unemployment hovers near 10%, the Middle East erupts in flames as our foreign policy establishment flounders cluelessly, the Mexican border hemorrhages illegal aliens, many of them violent criminals, and those tried and true indicators of social and economic instability, gold and silver, continue to tell the tale.

This is the most disastrous and destructive presidency in my lifetime - yet there are many who say that this vandal of the national patrimony has a better-than-even chance of being reelected. America will be lucky to survive one Obama term; two will truly be testing God.


Yojimbo said...

Yeah, I'm one of them. I've said it before. We get majorities in both houses and get him back as president. It will all be know in the fullness of time. We don't have a wow candidate that will be running in 2012.

The predicates for his ouster, high lingering unemployment, rampant inflation and high energy prices would be horrible for the country.

You're right that a second term with this guy would be utter disaster for the country. He doesn't know how to be president but he sure knows how to run.

Yojimbo said...

And then he added "Hobson's choice".

Paco said...

YoJ: It is more the very notion that Obama has any kind of chance at all that really worries me, because of what that says about the electorate.

Yojimbo said...

Yeah, I know, that scares me as well. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

I don't think the guy would have a ghost of a chance in 2016 but what do we have? Palin probably won't run. That means we're going to go with Romney or Huckabee, not inspiring. The most competent,Mitch Daniels, won't have the visability or the money this time around. In 2016 we get Walker-that guy is great!!- and Rubio.

RebeccaH said...

I keep hearing and reading that too. It floors me, but then I think of my elderly in-laws, all of whom will vote Democrat because "they always have", and not one of them will understand what they're doing to the country.

Minicapt said...

Procrustean bed, vice Hobson's choice.


Michael Lonie said...

I know what you mean. In 1972 my redneck aunt voted for George McGovern because she was still voting for FDR in her mind.

I would like to see Bobby Jindal run in 2012. He doesn't have great name recognition yet, but he's a new face and has a good record as a governor of Louisiana.

I expect Obama's vote among blacks to plummet from 95 percent to 92 in 2012. He'll get all 20 percent of the leftists (unless somebody does a Ralph Nader, protesting that he is too far to the right, in which case Obama will get 17 percent), two thirds of Jews (a few may have wised up since 2008) and half the Mexicans. Of course he'll also get 100 percent of the most solid Democratic voting bloc: the dead and the fraudulent voters. He can probably count on the usual suspects in the Electroal College: Califonria, New York, Taxachusetts and some others. Will that be enough to let him continuing trying to ruin the country? I can't say.

JeffS said...

Yeah, things are not looking all that good. As I refuse to give up, I'll keep on working with the TEA Party. But Paco nails it: the fact that Obama has any chance at re-election bodes ill.