Monday, February 14, 2011


Just slipping in here briefly from work to say that my home computer is in the shop and there will probably be no new posts until Wednesday. Open thread!

And welcome back, Rebecca! Was wondering what became of you.


JeffS said...

Woo hoo! Open thread!

Hiya, Rebecca! Good to see you back. Yeah, Waffles remains in the Oval Office.

OK, gotta get ready to teach a class. Ta ta!

Yojimbo said...

They're turning TRJ loose on real people! God help the Republic!

El Cid and the Yojimbo were wondering about Mrs. H about a week ago. The Cidster made some inquiries and found out from people in Australia that she was good to go.

Merilyn said...

Welcome back Rebecca, hope all is well now. We have been missing you over at Tim's blog to.

Anonymous said...

Somebody call off the search party. RebeccaH is back.

Interesting that she shows up for the,open thread. But thank God you're back cuz we couldn't have a party without you.

On second thought, tell the search party to look for Wronwright. Oh! Quick check the liquor cabinet!

Deborah Leigh

JeffS said...

"They're turning TRJ loose on real people! God help the Republic!"

Worry not, Yojimbo, they survived! Just one more day.....

Hey! Where's the mead? All that talking makes me thirsty!

Minicapt said...

Here ya go, Jeff; a whole lake of it:


El Cid said...

Rebecca? Ooppss Rebecca H.?

Name sounds familar, but the face doesn't ring a bell.


El Cid said...

Rebecca who?


El Cid said...

May as well go for a three bagger, right fielder miss the ball.


That's Frederic Francois Chopin to you E-Blogger.

Yojimbo said...

Mead is all gone, TRJ. Wron used the last of it to wash down that final tray of Paco's tacos.

JeffS said...


TW: tories. Yeah, that's wron, all right.

Michael Lonie said...

Looks like El Cid got into the mead quite a while ago.

Deborah, I think Wronwright has taken a trip to Ancient Egypt. Hearing about the looting of the Egyptian Museum, he took off the other day (failing to make a previously scheduled research trip for the Weather Control Project, I might add). I heard him muttering something about wanting to know if Nefertiti was more beautiful than Cleopatra. This could take a while.

Welcome back Rebecca.

bingbing said...

Open thread you say?

Mead gone???

Sounds like Tequila time! Now where are those keys to PACOs gun cabinet?

And good to see RebeccaH still kicking it.

RebeccaH said...

Thanks for the welcomes, all. I missed you.

FYI: our Florida vacation went from the Best Christmas Present Ever to the Vacation From Hell. Mr. H developed severe pneumonia and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, and nearly bought the farm. He was in one hospital after another from Jan. 3 until yesterday (we had him Careflighted back to Ohio after a month in Florida). Thankfully, he's on the mend and sleeping in his own bed now.

Remind me to tell you about Martha's Vineyard, the people who took care of me and kept me from going crazy or dropping dead while we were stranded in Florida.

Now, here's my secret set of keys to Paco's liquor cabinet. Skoal!

richard mcenroe said...

An exercise in civility...

bruce said...

Sounds like a very bad run of luck Rebecca.

Pneumonia in Florida sounds counterintuitive, but the humidity can set off respiratory problems. Maybe you guys should consider retiring to somewhere with a dry desert climate.

I'd be interested to hear what helped you get through it.

Anonymous said...

OMG, Rebecca! Give my best to Mr. H for a speedy recovery. I'm sure you know that the entire gang is here for ya. Hang in there.

Somebody shake down Wron for some of that supposed "secret" stash of fine meade. Tell him it's for medicinal purposes. Send it over to the Hs.

Deborah Leigh

Anonymous said...

Michael, when Wron talks about Egypt it's a bad sign. He's usually not talking about a trip to the museum. Probably got ahold of the keys to the Tardis again. Here we go again.

Deborah Leigh

Anonymous said...

Today was the award ceremony for the Medal of Freedom. There were 15receipients including... former
President HW Bush. Bet Barry had a hard time with that one.

Deborah Leigh

Yojimbo said...

I'm sure Bush 41 wasn't really thrilled with it either. Also awarded the Medal to Stan Musial, a man Obama is not worthy of being in the same room with.

Yojimbo said...

Bruce has a very good idea, Mrs. H.
When Mr. H gets better why don't you pack and move to Casa Grande or Phoenix. They have a dry and mild climate for most of the year. Here in Tucson ,right now, the humidity is 5 and the dew point is 1.

We won't talk about the summer.

Col. Milquetoast said...

What did I miss?

RebeccaH, keep your heart medication near when you look up Obama's idea of massive budget cuts and fiscal austerity.

Welcome back.

richard mcenroe said...

RebbecaH -- Scary trip. The dry climate might be good advice unless it turns out MrH is just allergic to manatees or snowbirds or something like that....

Anonymous said...

Yojimbo, I'm sure Tucson is as beautiful as when I attended U of A. Don't ask when. As for summer, they could always go to Payson for the summer. That's what the Mogollon (pronounced Mug-e-yon, for you non-Arizonans) Rim country is for. Then when the first snow flakes fall, move back to Tucson. By-the-way, there was a wonderful little family owned Greek restaurant, El Greco, near the university. Great people and great food. Do you know if it is still there?

Deborah Leigh

Yojimbo said...

Hi Deborah. Bear Down!

El Greco is gone. The owner died in 2006.

I was thinking more in the line of Casa Grande or Phoenix because their climate is mild in the winter. Tucson can get very cold. We just had back-to-back 18 degree nights,with a wind chill of 6. They just touched the hard freeze area.

Anonymous said...

Sad news all around, Yojimbo. Do you mean that Pete died? He and his wife, I think her name was Lois ran the place with their kids. Guess the kids didn't want to run the place. I tasted my first Greek food there along with their famous hospitality. They invited my friends and I to their church, Greek Orthodox, of course, for Easter service. Their son, Illiya tried to play a trick on me at the feast after the service. We were eating a fine soup. He thought I'd be grossed out by the fact that it was supposedly lamb's brain. Since I liked it before I knew what it was...what did it matter.

As for Phoenix or Casa Grande, there are too many people, and the summers are unbearable. Of course, Arizona is getting too crowded.

Deborah Leigh

Yojimbo said...

Deborah:Yes, Pete died.

You really don't want to be anywhere in mid to southern Arizona during the summer. Last summer was just horrible. We went out of September at 104 and into October at 102. Tenth warmest June on record and second warmest September. I have this really bad feeling that we are just gong to fry this year.

Yeah, it is getting very crowded but Tucson is also going downhill at a very rapid rate.

Yojimbo said...

I hope this blogging lull does not interpose itself on Library Thursday, my mostest favoritest day of them all.

You don't want to upset you?:)

El Cid said...

Holy Moly, Rebecca. Thoughts and prayers for full healing and back to Mr. H as uhh, feisty, a good word is it?

Having spent a large part of my early years in "The Sunshine State", between the damn sinkholes, the heavy, heavy moist air, hurricanes, assorted creatures of the poison variety, Gators) not of the college kind, it really isn't for everyone, for sure.

Sooo, I moved to the mountains of TN, where the first Doctor I visited told me, Son, you have what's called East TN
sinusitis. Gosh, I was just overjoyed.

kc said...

El Cid, this is not my mostest favorite place to live but the one redeeming character is nearly 3 1/2 and deadly cute and she shows up here every morning so Mommy and Daddy can go raise money to pay for her bedroom.

Rebecca, I assume you weren't in the Jax area, next time you're within distance please call! Would have done a short road trip to hold your hand or bring you coffee. Offer holds for anyone in Paco Nation...or Blair World, for that matter. Welcome Home, and glad to hear you and your Mister are healing well.

JeffS said...

Glad to hear Mr. H is improving, Rebecca.

Have you tried a hot toddy made from mead? Might be just what your significant other needs!