Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Who's afraid of the Muslim Brotherhood?

Well, er, me, for one. Investors Business Daily pulls the rug out from under some of the happy talk occurring on the news shows.
Other facts Americans should know: Mubarak outlawed the Brotherhood because it assassinated his predecessor, Anwar Sadat, and plotted to kill him, too; the Brotherhood gave birth to Hamas and al-Qaida and still finances the terror groups; and Brotherhood alumni include Osama bin Laden, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Ayman al-Zawahiri (who was jailed for the Sadat murder) and blind Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman (who issued a fatwah blessing it).
Their participation will make for a very...interesting...experiment in democracy (if Egypt even gets that far).

Update: More from Caroline Glick.


Anonymous said...

It is coming to light that the Muslim Brotherhood has been working behind the scenes to foment the toppling of governments across the Middle East. They don't want to be the face of the protestors, but they are behind it. They've taken Tunisia, now are posed in Egypt, and there is unrest in Lebanon. Let us not forget that it was the MB that sided with Hitler in WWII. Hitler promised the Grand Mufti of Jeruselem that he would deal with their "Jewish" when he finished in Europe. Israel needs our support now more than ever.

Anyone who states that the US shouldn't be concerned is a a tool or naive, or both. I am surprised at Dana Perino's comments.

Deborah Leigh

bruce said...

Yeah but, I dunno, you guys have got to stop thinking of democracy around the world as similar to the USA.

In most of the world its a Machiavellian tool, a truce between wild animals, also a way of civilizing dangerous elements.

Richard Fernandez gets this:

"You really want to counterpunch, and get the MB where you can take the political offensive against. An MB that is partly in power, but not dominant, is weaker than an MB in the romantic underground. IF — and it’s a big if — there are other opposition groups the US can support who can do the counterpunching.

That is better than hanging on to Mubarak.

What one wants out of Mubarak is the ability to deny the MB total control. Deny them power over the Army. You want to keep a core intact. Sections in the Army that can hook up with the MBs current allies and future rivals.

So any meaningful support for Mubarak has two components: delay and shaping. Mubarak is expendable. He gets out if he can delay and shape. We need the keys and the time to make deals.

Now here’s the rub. Who’s making the deals? Who’ll cook up the coalitions and make the arrangements to carry on the rivalry with the MB after Hosni beats it, because beat it he will. He’s too old to hang on. ..."


Just like with the Soviet collapse, a competent CIA should have been onto this already.

Anonymous said...

My sister, who was raised Jewish, thinks bringing Hitler up is RAAAAAcist. And SO over the top. That man in the White House would NEVER countenance such things, we all just HATE and if it's one thing she HATES, it's HATERS.