Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Don’t mess with Texas

Or with governor Rick Perry. An interesting profile by Kevin Williamson at NRO.


Robert of Ottawa said...

A slightly liquid Canadian Election update

OK the liquid is scotch.

However, a poll today shook the world - yes, really, here in Canada...The knee-dippers are, according to this (I think rogue) poll, will win 50 seats in the province of Quebec; Jack Layton, knee-dipper in chief, has said nice things to Quebecers.

However, this tells the ROC (Rest of Canada) that there will be another visit to the constitutional dentist; no none wants that. Also, Ontario has no stomach for a federal NDP government, having had a provincial one which bankrupted them.

So, where are we? The NDP is surging in Quebec; the more they surge there, the less they will succeed in Ontario or BC.

This poll suggested that Conservative support had dropped from 40% to 33% in one day. Not on ... the Conservative vote will not transfer to NDP vote....ever.

So, I reckon a rogue poll - remember 19 times out of 20.

I think we have a hockey game here. Much violence and aggressions. All within the rules. The game is on! The issue of this election is one that only the Conservatives talk of: Who governs?

The other parties talk of various things, but it is still a choice between a majority or a coalition of losers. The only thing that has changed over the past couple of days is which loser will be the COALITION leader.

For foreigners, I must explain that we are in our 4th election in seven years, and Canadians are really pissed off with the pathetic, partisan, parliamentary toro-tretas. I think, against all odds, the conservatives will get a mjaority just to end the crap.

Anonymous said...

Texas should be about to explode. First,Conservative talk show host and environmental lawyer Hugh Hewitt reports that the environmentalists will succeed in closing the TX oil fields in order to protect a lizard.

Then comes news last night that four refineries (BP, Valerio, Marathon, and one that escapes me) have shut down. They all have the same problem, salt build up on a valve. Coincidence...you decide.

(H/T to Richard McEnroe)

Deborah Leigh