Monday, April 25, 2011

“Her-ro, Jimmy!”

Extremely ex-president Jimmy Carter is planning a trip to North Korea, where he will take a stab at, er, “assessing severe food shortages and discussing the possible revival of nuclear disarmament talks.”

Here’s some classic feel-good-don’t-blame-the-tyrant gobbledeygook from Mr. Peanut:
"In almost any case when there are sanctions against an entire people, the people suffer the most and the leaders suffer least," he said. "And we believe that the last 50 years of deprivation of the North Korean people to adequate access to trade and commerce has been very damaging to their economy, as well as some problems they may have brought on by themselves [emphasis added by nearly speechless me]."
I suppose it’s progress that Goober would even hint that, just maybe, a teensy bit of blame might attach to the communist system. The truly sad news, of course, is that Jimmy Carter is the export that keeps getting sent back. Surely some benighted foreign land has a long-term job for a skilled carpenter.

(H/T: Genghis at Ace of Spades)


JeffS said...

Some day that fool will pass on to his reward.

Some day soon. PLEASE.

Steve Skubinna said...

I used to think carter a well meaning but stupid.

Later I decided he was sheer simpering blandly evil. The sort who would try to see the Nazis' side in a discussion of Auschewitz.

Yojimbo said...

Well, yeah, like sure, INTERNAL RICE PRODUCTION(!) is very sensitive to those embargo thingies. Just look at South Korea. No embargo and you get a modern industrialized nation.

Next Carter is off to Kuber to explain how an embargo just decimated their sugar cane and tobacco production.

This country elected him and the Naval Academy gave him a degree. Go figure.

Stosh2 said...

I was living in Japan during one of the big international pushes to provide 'relief food' to North Korea. The Japanese government and private citizens went all out and provided huge quantities of free rice to the regime on 'humanitarian' grounds.

Within a month that very same rice was spotted in the markets of Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, etc. The regime had turned around and sold it for hard cash on the international market.

The North Korean people were still starving.

The Japanese government politely and quietly declined to participate in such 'humanitarian' activities after that.

RebeccaH said...

I equate Jimmy Carter with those English aristocrats who were Nazi sympathizers before WWII: clueless of every day reality before, and willfully obtuse afterward. All that mattered was their status in the world. Jimmy Carter has been pathetically trying to maintain his "status" as a former President for decades, only he just can't bend to reality. Pathologically stubborn, much like the current occupant of the White House.

Anonymous said...

JeffS, Satan gives rewards?

Steve Skubinna, Carter is both stupid and simpering.

Carter is already there. The Young Pioneers (or whatever, they call them in NK) gave him a big red bouquet, while others probably asked if it was edible.

Deborah Leigh